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Cyanotypes at Bongo Java

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A few years ago, I got a random email from the Fido baker asking if I would be willing to hang my Japan photo series since it fit in with a city-wide Cherry Blossom Festival. I giddily accepted – even though I’d pretty much written off photography as anything serious. I’m a video editor by trade. A sometime shooter, at best. But that was the catalyst I needed to get back to it.

Kyoto_022 print

Probably my favorite photo from this series. Viking owns it now.

What’s even better is that Lisa (the aforementioned baker) has asked me to continue producing shows to exhibit at Fido and the other Bongo Java venues – which, again, is exactly the kind of motivation I need. And she’s done a pretty awesome job at getting a lot of other local artists to exhibit some really nice paintings and photos. So, I made a small collection of large cyanotypes that has been making the rounds this past year. Most of the images can be seen here, but they’re currently hanging at Bongo Java on Belmont Blvd until October 9th.

Stufflebam Cyano

I like and appreciate the accessibility that the internet provides, especially when trying to disseminate new work to a wider audience. However, I was reluctant to upload these to my website simply because so much is lost on a computer screen. Never mind how different every single computer monitor is from the next, or how a monitor produces light and paper reflects it, or how you lose so much resolution when it’s shrunk down tiny, or or or… Computers are great. They make my life ridiculously easier. But seeing the actual unique print – there’s just no replacement for holding a real thing in your own hands.

All this to say, you should go see my show.


This is James. I printed all the cyanotypes at his house. I’m still incredibly grateful.


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August 23, 2014 at 7:05 pm

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Centralia in June

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We went home a couple months ago. Leah’s dad was in pretty bad shape. You scrape your leg and don’t think twice about it, but then suddenly you’re in the ICU with blood poisoning from some necrotizing bacteria. Within hours. Just crazy. Anyway, we got out of the house one evening and shot a roll through the fuji 6×9.










Centralia isn’t big at all, but I was never very familiar with Leah’s neighborhood. It was like exploring somewhere new that I knew already. The Midwest will do that. Leah’s dad is doing well, by the way.

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August 19, 2014 at 10:03 pm