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I finished building a darkroom in my garage a few months ago (probably post about that process some other time…), and I’ve just been going through old black & white negatives I never did much with. I like how my scanner treats color film. Most color films. But it’s always been pretty harsh with the b/w stuff. Probably user error there. But hell if I know how to make it look like an actual darkroom print. Unless you just scan in an actual print. Like this:


This is from probably 5 or 6 years ago. This is an actual abandoned church in the middle of no where, TN. But it was also the set for an Alan Jackson music video that MooTV did. I was just PAing to help a friend, but music video shoots mean early and late hours for everyone, so I got there around 4:30am and left probably around 6pm. This shot was taken probably half an hour before sunset, and if I remember correctly, it’s something like a 60sec exposure. On loose floorboards. I’m still surprised it’s as sharp as it is.

But anyway, scanning in prints is way better than scanning the film. Photoshop doesn’t treat grain quite the same way photographic paper does. Particularly in and near the blacks. The grain blends and bleeds in the darkroom, but it’s very static in Photoshop. It almost looks like static rather than grain. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to actually scan the film in. Maybe.


I saw this old, beat up organ on the Highway 127 Yard Sale, also probably 5 years ago. I think what drew me to take the photo was the texture in the black paint versus the smooth black keys. “Treble Coupler” probably helps, too. But I just didn’t know enough to really pull out the texture when I took the shot. Not terrible. Just not what I wanted.


From 3ish years ago? This is from the corner of the corn field across from my parent’s house. I believe I was holding my camera at head height – as you can see, it’s really stinkin’ tall. I think I took this photo to prove a point about how tall corn is. No one outside the corn belt has any idea. This is why I don’t do corn mazes. “Oh, but you’re from IL, right? You LOVE corn mazes, rIgHT?!” No. Ever been lost in a corn field? Too tall to see over, too big to just head off in any direction hoping you hit the edge. To make it even worse, my father-in-law (retired detective) talks about how if anybody had gone missing in the past few days and didn’t show up – and particularly if they had a record – they would just post a cop car at different fields and wait for the carrion birds to start circling. So no, I’ve no mind to traipse through a corn field, mazed or not.

More prints will be showing up here as I do them. Possibly with some tech notes if they were recent enough. The backlog is large, but it’s about time to start shooting more.

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September 2, 2014 at 7:58 pm

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