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A weekend at Buck’s, p1

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Every year along the Hwy 127 Yard Sale, we all stay at Buck’s cabin in Pall Mall, TN. I’ve taken a few photos during those stays, but we’re usually pretty beat from being out in the heat all day. But this past year the in-laws drove down and we went and visited Jim & Sheryl Buck for a long weekend in October. Hospitality is a big thing to Buck, so he let us (encouraged us, threatened us if we refused to) traipse all over his property, use his ATVs, he cooked delicious meals for us  – just an incredibly gracious host.


bucks property011

bucks property006

I woke up earlier than most everybody, except maybe my mother-in-law. She’s one of those people that just always seem to be awake. But I hiked across the road and up a hill across from where we were staying to get the next few shots right at dawn. Can’t decide if I like the headlight-trails or not. And always take an extra pair of shoes if you plan on taking photos is East TN. The mornings are wet. “Dew” doesn’t even come close to describing how much moisture is on the ground. I think it took two days to dry out my shoes.



bucks property008

That red dot in the middle-left of the next photo, right in the little valley, is a big red bow on a stick. Buck puts those out as markers for sink holes. I think he might have lost a tractor to one, once upon a time.

bucks property009


So the bows are out in the fields, but in the forest along the trails Buck hangs bird houses and gourds to indicate caves, sink holes, or cliffs that are nearby. So on one of our ATV outings, we stopped at as many signposts as we could before it got dark. Just to see. Leah always gets too close to the edge.





There are no photos looking out from the caves. You don’t know what kind of animals could live in there. Buck told us about his handful of bear sightings this past year. Let us never cross that bear’s path. Ever.

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