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A weekend at Buck’s, p2

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So there’s not a lot going on in Pall Mall, TN. But if you’re gonna get away, might as well get away. Even still, there are a few community staples that we visit every time we get the chance. The Forbes General Store being top of the list. It’s under new ownership now, but when we were there last year it was most definitely still the same old general store. There didn’t seem to be much “general” about it – mostly just tourist stuff. I’m sure the hwy 127 yardsale kept it afloat. Anyway, here’s some of it.




Leah got to show our niece and nephew around the store. I don’t think anyone thought sampling the fudge was a good idea.




I don’t know who that is. But one of the other places we stop at (but never eat at) is the Possum Trot diner/auction house. Normally the guys sitting out front are at the General Store just a whittling away. Maybe playing Pig (card game). But if there’s an auction, buddy, they’re there. I stuck around for a few minutes of the auction, but then just went back to the cabin. I can’t do it. Ebay is even a struggle for me, let alone real life. Yard sales, though. I’m at least comfortable haggling over this thing you’re trying to sell me. But why would I want to actively compete with the guy sitting next to me? Nerve wrecking.




I do believe the whittlers mocked me a bit for taking their photo. The sacrifices I make…



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