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A weekend at Buck’s, p3

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As I said in the first post on Buck’s property, he’s a true Southern host. “Please make use of my finest stallions (4-wheelers), drink from my wells (actual spring well), fly through the air at my expense.” That last one there is a zip-line he installed over a creek not too far down the road. My niece and nephew were really excited. Everyone else was, too. But I think the opportunity to zip through the air over the surface of the water is a special thing for a child — an adrenaline-riddled fulfillment of every anthropomorphic children’s book ever.

The first couple photos are from that afternoon – I spent all my time zip-lining. Not photoing. Because, honestly, zip-lines.

bucks property003

bucks property005

The last night we were there, we feasted with Buck. We got to talking about photo stuff and he ran off. He shortly returned with a photo in hand of his daughter’s wedding. It was up on a massive lookout over one of the valleys in the area. He said he’d drive Leah and me there if we wanted. Well, of course, we wanted. He picked us up at 6am. That was a little rough for Leah, I don’t think I ever actually fell asleep. But he picked us up in some of the densest fog I’d seen in a long time. We knew it’d be a good while before it lifted, so we stopped by the zip-line creek to take some photos. Long exposures in the fog with water and no wind? Sign me up any day.







So we eventually get to the lookout. We were basically in a cloud. Buck was pretty disappointed, felt like he was a bad guide. I couldn’t have been happier. How often does a Midwestern boy get to sit on a mountainside leaning into nowhere and watch the fog wisp and curl between us? Still, Buck was really apologetic. He and Leah drove to McDonalds and grabbed breakfast and coffee. I stayed and waited just in case the fog lifted enough for any kind of photo. It was so calm and quiet, not even the birds were out. Normally when it’s silent like that, my ears will ring. Or I can hear them ringing. But not that morning. I rocked on the back legs of a porch chair and stared at nothing.

Leah and Buck got back with a coffee for me. We might have waited for another half hour or 45 minutes. The fog started to break up during the last five minutes, so I shot a handful of frames before we left.



We got back to the cabin and everyone had eaten and packed the car already, so we grabbed up our things and headed home. I like Buck. I don’t think I know anyone that joyously receives guests like him.

The fog didn’t break until we were an hour and half down the road.

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