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Grand Canyon – Color

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I shot a few rolls of color film as we continued our loop around the whole of the Grand Canyon. These first couple are from just northeast of the canyon, I think in Hopi Buttes. One of the latest theories of Grand Canyon formation is that water filled this whole area – an inland lake dubbed Hopi Lake. The natural dam that held the water back eventually failed, all that 500-some-odd cubic miles of water then carved out the canyon, and probably created the Colorado River at the same time. That was Steve’s favorite theory, anyway.

Might have been my favorite cliffs of the whole trip.



Filming on the rim was pretty interesting. It’s government policy that any film crew must be accompanied by an escort of some sort. So we got a fairly green ranger. We expected a bit of trouble, scientists coming around talking theories that don’t comport with the standard line. Evidently, Steve’s been kicked out before. But all was quiet.




The crew stuck around into the late afternoon before heading off to the next location, shooting b-roll of the canyon. Once I’d run out of digital media, I just walked the southern rim a bit and shot with the AE-1. Since we needed to drive a good 3 hours or so after we finished, we had to leave before the sun had fully set. Which I deeply regret.






I’ve got another half roll somewhere undeveloped of our time in the Western Canyon. We hiked out 3 or 4 miles to see a fossil bed. I vaguely remember shooting some photos on the hike back out, but it would seem that roll is floating around in the ether. Maybe I’ll find it.

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March 21, 2016 at 9:47 am

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