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Making Practice Possible

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So finding time to sit down and edit blog posts has been difficult enough, let alone developing, scanning, processing the backlog of film. There are at least 3 film blog posts in the works that I’ll get to eventually, but I wanted to sit you down and break the bad news. After 9 years of shooting film almost exclusively, I bought a digital camera. The Fuji x100F, to be exact. And I found it used – so at least there’s that.

But why? The aforementioned time – it dissipates so readily. I wasn’t taking the time to produce film photographs. So I just wasn’t shooting enough, I wasn’t progressing in any quality whatsoever in the photos that I was taking. And disappointment hits hard when you finally do take the time and you’re just never satisfied. So you don’t want to work on them. AND, it’s really cumbersome to carry a child on my back as well as a medium format camera. So I broke down. The desire to shoot and get better outweighed my desire to shoot film. And if I’m being honest, the x100F is really quite fun to shoot.

So I tested it out over Easter weekend with some family in town. Having a little rangefinder was less intimidating for everyone. Way less intimidating than the RB67 or the Fuji 6×9. And obviously much easier to use. It could actually be the right tool to have on hand to shoot for practice and pleasure. Did I mention how fun it is? 

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April 26, 2017 at 8:05 am

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