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Grand Canyon – B/W

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I’ve logged a good few miles for work over the last 6 months shooting for a documentary. We’re going to some really awesome locations, too, so not taking a personal camera was NOT an option. All my medium format cameras were way too big to throw┬áinto the already over-full video camera bag, so I thought it would be a good time to see if I still enjoyed shooting 35mm.

I had gotten my Canon AE-1 repaired not too long ago to take on the Roan Highland backpacking trip, so that was the weapon of choice. The sound guy, who is also an Assistant Director, was pretty excited to see someone still shooting film. He’s shot more rolls than he could count back when he was learning how to do more than just location sound. Our camera guy was not as enthusiastic. I think I started to realize how much of an anomaly I am working in a digital video industry.

But we flew in to Las Vegas and drove all the way around the Grand Canyon with our scientist, stopping at various locations to interview him. All in all, a successful 5-day 900 mile road trip. First roll was b/w. Color to follow.


We stopped often so Steve, the scientist, could teach us something. Above, he is explaining the formation of the Red Wall Limestone at a random road cut. Evidently these are great places to go rock and fossil hunting, if not the safest place…


Most of our driving was along state routes, but we did a number of off-road trips. We were in minivans. Zero clearance minivans. But we never got stuck, though I’d be lying if I said anxiety wasn’t an issue that whole time.


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